A unique product offering

Paint and Architectural coatings are about more than color. Structures, houses, fences, decks etc. need protection from the weather. Our products beautify but more importantly they protect your investment. 

We are an independently owned and operated full service paint store. We select the products we sell based on our experience and other criteria. We cater to the contractor and professional market. We carry the products that professionals demand. So in a sense the market determines what we sell. If a product is not up to the high standards we set, then we find one that is. We handle different brands from different manufacturers to offer the best assortment for our unique market. A product that works well in the northeast may not be ideally suited for the harsh summers here. Many of the products we sell are designed for the region we operate in.  


Company Profile

Tri-County Paint & Spray inc.

Founded: 1999


John Sheehan

Philip Barber

Expertise: Home, corporate, retail, commercial, green products. 

Membership and Community Sponsorships​

Member Allpro Buying Group

Allpro buying group is made up of over 1200 stores in the USA and Canada. This gives us the purchasing power to handle the best products at the best prices. 

Member NFIB National Federation of Independent Business

Our commitment to the small business backbone of America is right on the front door.


Sponsorship of Local Youth

We are a proud sponsor of many youth organizations in our wonderful town. 

We have supported NB little league baseball, local high school dance teams, and various youth groups along with the Boy Scouts of America.